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Love, Lust, and Laudations: Flemish Choral Music of the High Renaissance

Love, Lust, and Laudations Flemish Choral Music of the High Renaissance

  • Published 2003
  • Catalog Number: MS-1
  • Formats: Compact Disc and Digital Download
  • Running Time: 59 min, 59 sec
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About the Recording

The inspiration for this meticulously recorded and produced collection sprang from a performance Musica Sacra gave to complement the art exhibit "The Printed World of Pieter Bruegel the Elder," mounted by the Fogg Art Museum of Harvard University in 1995. Interspersed among motets and chansons of Clemens non Papa, Orlandus Lassus and Claude Le Jeune, the three preëminent Flemish composers of the second half of the 16th century, are chansons of lesser-known composers published by the Flemish musician Tylman Susato.

Listen to Samples

"Las il n'a nul mal qui n'a le mal d'amour"

"O Maria vernans rosa"

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  1. Musica dei donum optimi, Clemens non Papa (ca. 1510-ca. 1555)
  2. Las il n'a nul mal qui n'a le mal d'amour, Claude Le Jeune (ca. 1528-1600)
  3. Nostre vicaire ung jour de feste, Jean Le Cocq (Fl. 1540-1560)
  4. Ma maistresse, ma bonne amye à 4, Tylman Sysato (ca. 1510-ca. 1570)
  5. De mon malheur me puis je bien contenter à 4 Tylman Susato
  6. Helas, j'ay sans mercy le soucy et la pensée, Claude Le Jeune
  7. O Maria vernans rosa, Clemens non Papa
  8. Adesto dolori meo, Clemens non Papa
  9. Il estoit une fillette, Cornelius Canis (ca. 1510-1561)
  10. Je suis aymé de la plus belle, Johannes Castileti (1512-1588)
  11. Gens qui parles mal de m'amye, Cornelius Canis
  12. J'ay senti les deux maux de l'amoureux martire, Claude Le Jeune
  13. Je suis amoureux d'une fille, Johannes Castileti
  14. Ung capitaine de pillars, Antoine Barbe (d. 1564)
  15. Cum essem parvulus, Orlandus Lassus (1532-1594)
  16. Cantate Domino, Orlandus Lassus
  17. En ce gracieulx mois de may, Jean Courtois (Fl. 1530-1545)
  18. Lauda anima mea Dominum, Orlandus Lassus
  19. Elle n'eust sçeu la chaleur esprouver, Claude Le Jeune


"With crystalline-clear tone, this exceptional a cappella chorus recreates the most beautiful masterpieces of the Flemish renaissance period. Like wafts of smoke floating and drifing through still air, their lines weave beautiful, circular shapes of closed and open harmony. A ghostly and angelic album." — CD Baby

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