Musica Sacra

A Choral Bestiary

Saturday May 13, 2017 at 8:00pm

In mischief and in earnest, modern composers have relished giving voice to the animals in songs that chirp and roar, bray and howl. Musica Sacra invites you to hear music that is whimsical… and very zoological!

A Choral Bestiary

Hear various species of the animal world as imagined by the poet Pere Quart in settings by the Catalonian composer Manuel Oltra's Bestiari. See birds take flight through the rhapsodic harmonies of Peter Willsher's Everyone Suddenly Burst out Singing and Charles Stanford's The Bluebird. Delight in the celebration of the divine in Benjamin Britten's exultant Rejoice in the Lamb.



Concert Program Notes

Notes on this performance are not yet available.