Musica Sacra

George Frideric Handel’s Israel in Egypt

Saturday March 11, 2017 at 7:00pm

Handel’s dramatic setting of the Exodus.

George Frideric Handel’s Israel in Egypt

Fleeing oppression has been a recurring tragedy consistent with the human experience - throughout history and today. It seems particularly appropriate to perform a work based upon the plight of some of the earliest refugees whose story is told in the Old Testament.

We hope you'll join Musica Sacra, our distinguished orchestra, and these acclaimed soloists on March 11: Doug Dodson, countertenor; Jonas Budris, tenor; Barbara Allen Hill, soprano; Ulysses Thomas, bass-baritone; Ian Pomerantz, bass-baritone; and Janet Ross, soprano.

Inspired by the powerful story of Handel's dramatic 'Israel in Egypt', and its deep relevance to the refugee crises around the world today, Musica Sacra is pleased to announce that we will donate a portion of our ticket (10%) and merchandise (50% through March 11) sales to the International Institute of New England. The IINE is an organization whose mission is to invest in the future of our cities and towns by preparing refugees and immigrants for participation in the social, economic and political richness of American life through active citizenship.

Please note 7:00pm start time.



Musica Sacra will perform Israel in Egypt at the Gloucester Meetinghouse in Gloucester, MA on Saturday, March 18 at 7:30PM. Details here. (The IINE donation applies to the Cambridge performance only.)

Concert Program Notes

Notes on this performance are not yet available.